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Welcome to Yogaz-Posaz. Today’s video is about the Corpse Pose, how you do it, why you do it and when. Barbara will be covering all the yoga poses over the course of time. Tune in every week for more poses, true inspirational stories about life, and to learn the correct reasons for doing yoga. YOGAZ, […]

Mat Chat

Welcome to our first Mat Chat. Every month we hope to bring you a true story of someone who has practiced the YOGAZ balanced lifestyle and has changed their life. We hope to inspire you to live a more balanced life and in someway help you get there. As we have talked about Yoga is […]

“The Yogaz Balanced Life Approach”

“The Yogaz Balanced Life Approach” My Yoga teacher taught me that yoga is that state of complete freedom, liberation, peace, and perfection. This is experienced when the limitations of the body, senses, mind, intellect, ego, and individual consciousness are transcended, and one wakes up to a fourth state of consciousness called Samadhi. In other words, […]